In today’s world of "multitasking", "scheduling" and "intensity", take a few hours for yourself in the sauna and watch your stress melt away at 100 C (or 212 F)!

A Finnish Sauna (or its close relative Russian Sauna) is an important part of the Northern European tradition and has become popular world-wide due to its benefits to your body and mind alike.
Our private, by appointment only, sauna is heated by a specialwood-burning stove to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). One of the two owners being born in Northwestern Russia, only a few hours drive from Finland, we take the greatest care to ensure that your experience is authentic, beneficial for your health and mind, and completely different from what you may have experienced in public "saunas".
There are important health benefits of a Finnish Sauna. While you're in there, water is gently poured on very hot stones, increasing the humidity in the room to around 20%. Special branches of birch or oak trees tied together, known as vihta in Finnish or venik in Russian, are steeped in water and are gently (or not so!) tapped on the body to rub off dead skin cells, release toxins, and relieve muscle tensions. Blood pressure is lowered, heart activity is increased, toxins are washed from your skin, and it is said thatsaunas aid in losing inches as well. The heat feels very relaxing on the muscles in your body.
Plan at least 90-120 minutes for your Finnish Sauna. After you get comfortable, enjoy the purifying effects of the sauna. When it gets too hot for you, step outside and take a cool shower if needed (or pour a bucket of ice cold water on you waters as the Finns or Russians do do). The alternation of hot and cold temperatures releases adrenalin, which then transforms into endorphin, or the "hormone of happiness" : the sauna purifies not only your body but your mind and soul. Re-enter the sauna 2-4 times after these breaks. In between the rounds, sip our special herbal tea, mixed from 6 European medicinal herbs (camomile, St. John’s wart, lemon balm and a few secret ingredients) and try our non-pasteurized, natural honey – all included in your access to sauna price. After 2 or 3 rounds you can relax in our 90-jet, 6 seat outdoor spa. Salt-water pool is open in season.
Health Warning: A Finnish Sauna lowers blood pressure, so if you have low blood pressure already, take it slow. For your first visit, stay in the sauna only a few minutes and increase your sessions gradually. If you are pregnant, a sauna visit is not advisable. The same goes for wearers of pacemakers.
The sauna purifies not only your body but your mind and soul...
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